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Site Rules - Please All Read

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Site Rules - Please All Read Empty Site Rules - Please All Read

Post by Lady Valkyrie on Sun 03 Mar 2013, 03:43

Forumotion Terms of Service

These rules come from the forum host and must be enforced by the site staff. Please ensure you adhere to them. Any content contravening these rules will be deleted and may cause the user to be warned, suspended or banned.

- Aggressive or slanderous messages, personal insults and swearing are not permitted.
- Messages which promote illegal practices are not permitted.
- You may not contravene copyright law. If you post information from another site, you must either quote the relevant excerpt, crediting the site or author, then provide a link back to the site OR simply provide the link with your own introduction in your own words OR present the information in your own words.
- If you create duplicate posts the duplicates will be deleted.
- You should avoid using SMS-style language. Excessive use of this language will result in a PM warning from site staff and/or message deletion.

Spiritual Solace Learning Space Community Etiquette

These guidelines come from the staff of the Spiritual Solace Learning Space. Please try your best to respect and reflect this etiquette in your posts. This is intended as an open-minded learning space where freedom of speech (within the limitations of an internet forum) is encouraged. Any content contravening these guidelines is subject to editing or deletion at the discretion of site staff and if a member causes repeated problems for other users they may also be warned, suspended or banned.

Please respect one another at all times.

1. Respect one another's right to be here and to share views and beliefs. If you disagree with another poster and wish to post about it, please do so respectfully without belittling their ideas or standpoint and in the context of simply presenting another point of view.

2. Respect one another's right to follow their own faith or path. Preaching or attempting to convert other members is not tolerated here. If you wish to post about your own faith, path or beliefs it must be in the context of "This is what I believe" as oppose to "This is the absolute truth and anyone who doesn't recognise it as truth is damned". Post about your beliefs in the spirit of sharing and finding common ground.

3. Respect one another's right to feel safe here. Members should never be made to feel harrassed, intimidated or bullied. If you clash with another poster, you can always stop reading and responding to their threads - it is not acceptable to insult or verbally attack anybody either in posts or private messages. Additionally you may not create an account simply to stalk or harrass any of our genuine members - any reports of this will be thoroughly investigated and will result in suspension or a permanent account and IP ban.

If you notice any behaviour contravening any of the above rules or guidelines, please report this to a member of site staff immediately.
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