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Upcoming Pre-Paid Workshop - Angel Activation Details

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Upcoming Pre-Paid Workshop - Angel Activation Details Empty Upcoming Pre-Paid Workshop - Angel Activation Details

Post by Lady Valkyrie on Sun 03 Mar 2013, 02:31

Dates for this workshop are TBA. You will be able book your place on this workshop at http://spiritualsolace.webeden.co.uk or via the Solace Shop at https://facebook.com/spiritualsolace.

This workshop is a starter for ten if you want to learn how to invite angels into your life. You will learn what angels are, why and how they can help us, and the names of some of the main archangels. You will learn three keys for attracting angelic help into your life on a daily basis. You will practice interpreting angel cards as a method of receiving angelic guidance. You will activate a connection with angels through your crown chakra. This will be the equivalent of a half-day workshop, requires no equipment and will take you roughly 4 hours of study to complete. All participants will receive a printable handout covering the main points of the workshop.

Please ask any questions about this workshop here.
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